Heels heels heels

Heels on Wheels Ronel Reyes Flicker

Italian women do love their heels. They wear them to the store, to the park, on their motorinos, and to work, undaunted, across cobblestone.

Luckily, the ballet-flat trend appears to be holding strong, even in Italy, so we can get a free pass as we pack for a weekend getaway. I think the foldable flat idea is great, and Tieks appear to be cornering the market thanks to beautiful colors – and here’s the kicker – leather construction. Breathable fabrics are a must whether on your body or on your feet; accept no substitutes.

Here’s Evelina Barry modeling a pair. You can ratchet up the looks from the previous post with a handful of these brightly colored shoes without sacrificing much luggage space.

Evelina Barry from Tieks website

In fact, if you’re not planning on returning to your hotel before dinner, I’d slip a pair into your purse and carry around while wearing a more road-tested pair of sandals. I know! Dangerous ground,  suggesting there may be a pair of comfortable elegant sandals – I fear the wrath of my readers – but here goes:clarks sandals larger.jpg

The old standby, Clark’s, offers this Sixties’-inspired sandal. I think the thick bands add a tiny touch of fashion, and they wrap around your ankle, heel and across the foot so that you can actually walk in them. The athletic sole means you can sightsee for hours without needing four weeks’ bedrest on your return. Blisters aren’t glamorous! The simple lines would match the outfits from the last post, and again, can be quickly swapped for a more colorful pair of foldable flats in the evening. Plus, in true Italian style, you can never go wrong with black.

Emilia :)
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