Traveling lite

girl by sea.jpegPacking the right clothing is essential to being able to travel lite. Italians can make fashion statements out of the simplest of clothes – a plain t-shirt and some elegant silver jewelry or a scarf. I’m taking my cue from them in suggesting key garments to pack for a summer weekend getaway, or if you’ve already planned a trip to Italy sometime in the next few months.

Top five list for a travel wardrobe:

  1. Simple and elegant
  2. Colors that match well, and that won’t show stains
  3. Wrinkle resistant, and preferably, easy to wash & quickly dry
  4. Quality natural or performance fibers to be comfortable while sightseeing
  5. Cuts and styles that can adapt to many different occasions

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In my quest for the perfect travel wardrobe, I keep coming back to the “softer” styles from performance-gear outfits like REI and Columbia. These black skirts from Columbia would pair well with a simple t-shirt and scarf. Nordstrom’s has some choice picks for simple colors and elegant lines at reasonable prices. The tunic shown above would work well with jeans, and the long open cardigan is great for seaside or mountain locations where the temperature drops in the evening.girl in campo

Emilia :)

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  1. I find I always pack white because it goes with everything but it just doesn’t stay clean.. I will learn my lesson some day!


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